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When it comes to overall wellness, your mental health is as important as your physical health. For comprehensive care for all your medical needs, general practitioner and addiction medicine specialist Jacqueline D. Howard, MD, MBA, offers mental health counseling at her practice, Oasys Preventive Health Services in Denver. For an appointment, call the office today or book online.

Mental Health Counseling Q & A

What is mental health?

Mental health refers to your emotional, psychological, and social wellness. Your mental health affects how you feel and think, as well as how you interact with others and manage stress. Your mental health is an important part of your overall health and should be monitored throughout your life.

Many factors influence your mental health, including:

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Experiences
  • Brain chemistry

Mental health problems are common in the United States, but with help from specialists such as Dr. Howard at Oasys Preventive Health Services, you can get the mental health care you need to feel more like your usual self.

Am I a good candidate for mental health counseling?

Changes in mental health can occur at any time due to a biological change or personal experience. Dr. Howard determines if you would benefit from mental health counseling when you come in for a consultation. You may want to consider getting help if you:

  • Feel sad or hopeless
  • Lost your appetite
  • Have withdrawn from friends or family
  • Are experiencing unexplained aches and pains
  • Use illegal drugs or drink excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Sleep more than usual
  • Are unable to keep up with your responsibilities

When you feel down or out of sorts, you may feel as though nothing can help you feel better. But no matter what mental health issue you’re facing, help is available.

What can I expect from mental health counseling?

Dr. Howard provides comprehensive and compassionate care when you come in for mental health counseling. She isn’t like your traditional general practitioner. Her practice combines Western and Eastern medicine to offer you the well-rounded care you need to improve your mental health.

To develop the most beneficial treatment plan, Dr. Howard conducts a comprehensive examination that assesses both your physical and mental health. Based on the information gathered, she develops your mental health counseling plan, which may include talk therapy, medication, and alternative therapies such as yoga, tai chi, or acupuncture.

When you get the help you need to improve your mental health, you may notice that you can better handle stress, have a better outlook on life, and be more productive.

To schedule mental health counseling, call Oasys Preventive Health Services today or book an appointment online.